Quality management

This summer quality management is going digital

  • completely replacing pen & paper
  • less effort for data collection
  • reduced training effort for personnel
  • better data quality
  • automated, rule-based inspection request
  • extensive historical data archive

Significant simplification of quality control cards

  • full integration into the existing user interface (operating personnel already trained)
  • enrichment with kpibench machine and operating data (less input effort)
  • at the time of entry, operating personnel only sees the relevant data fields
  • validation of entered data with instant feedback
  • freely configurable filling instructions and user help content

Automated input requests

  • rule-based (logic with intervals / machine data, etc.)
  • alert shown directly on the existing input device

Extensive data evaluation

In real time at the push of a button. There is no waiting for laboriously digitized data from manual recordings.

The digital database is the basis for automated data evaluation: automatic notification of quality problems, deviations, anomalies.

Individually expansible

Individual software development is supported. E.g. custom rule-based actions (e.g. notifications, system calls to ERP, etc.), detailed statistics covering the entire data archive in real time, automated feedback to third-party systems, and much more.

See kpibench in action

Request your online demo now and see for yourself in a personal 15 to 30 minute web demonstration.