Proof of concept

With the proof-of-concept you receive the technical and substantive proof for the protection of your investment!

A PoC is a feasibility test in advance and ensures that our product meets your expectations in terms of technology and data analysis and reporting functionality.

With up to five connected machines, you can collect meaningful data over a period of two weeks. This helps you in getting your project started and actively involve key personnel. This valuable experience serves as an important decision-making basis for your potential investment.

Implementation phase
Net duration less than 3 days
Overall duration typically 1 – 3 weeks
Goal: Preparing data acquisition and training of key users

Usage phase
Duration 2 weeks
Goal: Informed decision about project continuation.

PoC service packages

PoC Remote

PoC with remote support

  • PoC preparation
  • Machine data acquisition
  • Training of key users
  • Support during PoC

PoC On-Site

PoC with on-site support

Services from PoC Remote plus the following on-site services:

  • Supervision and support of your technical personnel during machine data acquisition setup (including communications tests and signal measurement technology)
  • Training workshops for key users

PoC Team Plus

PoC with maturity level evaluation

Services from PoC On-Site plus individual surveys and baseline evaluation:

  • What is the emotional acceptance level of your employees?
  • Does the project team fully support the change process?
  • What is the maturity of your company concerning the production KPI process before and after the PoC?

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