Machine operator cockpit

  • Machine state and production output overview
    • Current product/SKU
    • Production output with target and min. threshold
      Machine states
  • Quick manual categorization of automatically detected stoppages (Tablet or PC terminal)
Operator line view

KPIs & statistics

  • In-depth analysis of machine stoppages with category drill-down and raw data export
  • Productivity statistics, per machine and in groups
  • Simplified OEE comparison, based on product target quota
  • Machine KPI comparison cockpit for all┬ámachines
  • Machine KPI comparison, based on shift
  • Chart generator for all pre-defined machine KPIs – custom time ranges, resolutions and comparison of multiple machines

Maintenance overview

  • Real-time machine state overview
  • Automatic email notifications and in-app notification center
  • Raw data export
Maintenance Cockpit
Stoppage Catalog


  • Customizable stoppage catalog per machine
  • Customizable sku/article list with target quotas
  • User management

See our online manual to get more in-depth information about all kpibench features.