kpibench is a company in the field of predictive productivity management (PPM). We provide a smart and cost-effective out-of-the-box solution to automatically monitor machine performance 24 × 7, analyze production states in real time, and reduce downtime and maintenance time. Thus, the kpibench solution enables the employees in production, maintenance and quality assurance to optimize the machine utilization and to continuously improve the production capacity.

The kpibench SaaS solution is suitable for all industries and offers real-time analysis of all machine states, productivity statistics per machine and across distributed heterogeneous lines with detailed analysis from machine stops to machine energy consumption and fault analysis drill down including operating and machine data acquisition export to ERP systems (including SAP, Navision).

The solution is used worldwide in consumer and industrial goods production.

Management team

DI (FH) Wolfgang Hafenscher
Co-Founder, CEO
Product & Customer Success

DI(FH) Alexander Rosemann, B.Stat.
Co-Founder, CTO
Technology & Development