Release Date: 2018-04-04


  • day report improvements
    • added 24 h state report timeline view for single machine report
    • added 24 h state report table view for single machine report
    • added selection toggle (all/none) on group and single machine report
    • added unplanned stop table statistics for single machine report
  • mass state change improvements
    • added state ID in stoppage select field
    • added option to show stoppage entries that require additional manual input
  • added taxonomy quick selector
    • for all multi-machine selectors
    • for chart generator


  • major interface update
    • new look & feel
    • new main menu
    • improved responsive layout on smaller browsers
  • article color not mandatory anymore in article lists
  • implemented map view as optional core functionality


  • fixed missing product title in OEE report (OEE report by product) if product ID did not exist in article catalog => previously showed “-“, now shows ID