Product development

We are pretty excited about the results of our first ever customer product development survey. Our goal is to learn from your direct feedback and prioritization to adapt our own priorities in product development.

Besides valuable feedback for our future development roadmap we also received several bug reports that we previously were not aware of. All bug reports have already been successfully closed and deployed.

Recent developments

Prior to diving into the customer feedback let me give you a quick summary of our latest developments. Click on any headline to see a detailed description.

One of the most loved new features is to show machine state directly on a customized map of your site.

Machine groups as flat hierarchy with one level were introduced. Customer feedback is very positive and user experience is influenced very positively. If configured for your application grouping automatically appears in several overview pages. At this time only variance comparison allows for aggregated group analytics.

A new visualization has been introduced: a simple variance comparison showing productive time in relation to non-productive time, optionally with target value threshold.

Maintenance process was further improved by adding incident cards for maintenance. This allows the maintainer to communicate the detailed incident state to all colleagues.

Native mobile apps for Android and iOS are still on the development roadmap. To ease the waiting time we introduced a special mobile view for smartphones, accessible right from within your browser. When you open kpibench on your smartphone you should see an “overview” button (only visible on smartphones). Alternatively you can also directly open the mobile view via direct URL. If your instance is e.g. located at just add “/mobile” to the URL:

To not cause any unexpected behavior for users we do not automatically activate major new features in existing installations. Get in contact with us if you are interested in activating any of the new features.

Customer survey summary

The top development priorities of our customers are:

Customer prioritization summary of most important topics

Of course we can not completely deviate from our internal product development roadmap, but we are taking customer input seriously and have already adapted part of our roadmap.

Thank you!

A big thank you to all participants. We appreciate you for caring about kpibench and taking your time to give us feedback!

kpibench development outlook

Currently we are planning to focus on the following topics during the next months (order by priority):

  1. Migration to new server infrastructure
  2. Extended data analytics
  3. Cost data integration
  4. Digital shift book
  5. JSON/Rest API